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Cosalient® Electronic Health Record

While other products promise usability but deliver a clumsy user experience, Cosalient EHR has already delivered next generation ease of use in 20,000 actual cases. Focus on your patient instead of fighting the EHR.
We make time critical, intra-operative EHR usage feel easy. With Cosalient EHR, you gain time for patient safety. Go beyond mere automation of vitals recording. Produce elegant anesthesia documentation with salience, readability, and legibility as well as advance towards meaningful use.
  • Frontline clinician lauded design
  • Emphasize your notations instead of EHR structure
  • Convey a complete care story
  • Clear, concise anesthesia records that look like real anesthesia records
Your existing workflow is preserved while you create true, anesthesia EHR records.

Cosalient EHR is the choice worth fighting for. Are you up the challenge or will you simply accept someone else's clinically cumbersome selection?

  • Is clinical usability important to you?
  • Do you have a real voice in selecting your EHR?
  • Does your medical judgement regarding patient care sway purchases?
  • Does your IT manager understand the time criticality of OR care?

If you answer yes to all the above, you may qualify to use Cosalient EHR.

Contact us today and see if your facility qualifies to enjoy the Cosalient EHR advantage.

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Why Cosalient EHR is Easier to Use

Any other EHR system might seem tolerable during a brief demo, but they encumber you with a poor user experience. Even after hours of training most leave you unsure of what to do.

Cosalient EHR makes case documentation easier. Instead of 1990's data entry user interface, Cosalient EHR delivers a modern user interface that you understand with 15 minutes of training. We deliver a powerful, single screen EHR without numerous tabs and layers. Easy. Fast. Intuitive.

  • At one glance, see everything in your record
  • Directly make entries without encumbering dialog boxes
  • Always know if anything is missing in your documentation
  • Easy to learn, modern, modeless interface
  • 15 minutes typical training time to use system.
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Ideal for Your Rapid Paced Operating Room

Cosalient EHR is performance tuned for practicing anesthetists. It is the anesthesia EHR that helps keeps pace with busy OR schedule. Once you have seen Cosalient EHR in action, nothing else feels acceptable.
  • Automatic and assisted document completion frees you for patient care
  • Clinical relationships always remain intact and prominently displayed
  • Seamless transfer to PACU with no cumbersome transfer mode
  • Enhance PQRS compliance without hindering clinical flow
  • Creates beautifully formatted, concise documents
  • Captures data for billing and analysis
  • 20,000 case proven reliability